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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Doing what Jesus does

Jesus meets the disciples in the upper room( Jn 20). He tells them " as the Father sent me so I am sending you" ??????
Did he actually mean that we are to do the same works and speak the same words the same way as Jesus did???
Sounds incredible doesn't it!!!
 The words Jesus spoke were the words His Father gave Him to speak and the works He did were the works His Father showed Him to do. Jn 5.19...
Some one said if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much space !!!!!
Jesus calls us to the same adventure of risk taking that the first disciples experienced for His kingdom's sake.
Time to get out of the boat and try a little water walking.............So, yes you may sink once or twice but Jesus will lift you up and encourage and equip you to keep walking. Don't stay in the "shallow" end anymore.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Excitings days for Sheffield

Come June 9th  Sheffield is going to enjoy a great conference with Global Awakening. Randy Clark one of the keynote speakers says of the conference...
"In our Schools of Healing and Impartation, hundreds of "lil' ole mes" from all different backgrounds, occupations, and denominations have stepped into supernatural dimensions of healing, deliverance, and Holy Spirit empowered ministry. I believe that teaching must be followed with action that makes room for God to move. I promise you our School of Healing and Impartation will be an exciting time of equipping, impartation, and demonstration. Don't let the enemy talk you out of what could be one of the most significant spiritual experiences of your life! Seize this opportunity to make a change! I look forward to seeing you there." - Randy Clark

The Purpose...

"The Kingdom of God is not in word [logos] but in power [dunamis]."

Dunamis is "the power of God displayed and imparted in a Holy Spirit outpouring." That is the kingdom! The purpose of this Healing School is to model, impart and empower believers from all levels by equipping them to reproduce the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in the area of healing. It is designed to help people understand what God is doing in our time and encourage them to become God's vessels who invade earth with heaven's realities!

Topics covered in The School of Healing and Impartation 1: Revival Phenomena and Healing

Common phenomena that occur in revival (regarding healing and missionary expansion in the world)

Words of knowledge (including an activation clinic)

The 5 Step Prayer Model

"The Agony of Defeat" in the healing ministry

Healing ministry principles that shouldn't be turns into Laws

"Spend and Be Spent" (followed by a time of impartation)

Q & A with the panel of speakers

"Pressing In" (followed by a time of impartation)

"Acts of Obedience: Keys to Unleashing Healing and Miracles"

"Open Heaven: Experiencing all that Christ Purchased"

Four kinds of faith for healing

The healing power of the Lord's Supper

Randy will sometimes feel led to give one teaching on deliverance in this school

Get yourself booked in....

For details and registration go to Charis web   www.charischurch.org.uk and click  events then the Global Awakening link.

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