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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Healing testimony from Charis mtg.

Miriam Cox was healed at Charis church on13th June. Here is her story...

When I was six my left leg was considerably longer than my right leg and I was going to have surgery on my right leg to lengthen it. Shortly before the surgery mum got the vicar at my old church to pray for my leg and it grew then and there. Then, I grew really rapidly when I was 11 and my legs became uneven again. It’s caused my spine to curve and pain in my hips. My hips used to hurt if I sat down for a long time, on a plane journey for example. However, the pain has been getting steadily worse for the past 18 months or so. It had reached the point when I was in pain pretty much all the time; I could hardly bear to sit for more than 5 minutes in lessons and the pain was keeping me awake at night.
Then, last week I went to a healing conference put on by Global Awakening. So many miraculous healings occurred there I can’t even begin to describe them all but people who had lost their sight got it restored, they were cured of chronic pain or metal plates and pins holding people’s bones together just disappeared to name a few. At the end they’d ask for people who wanted prayer for healing to go up but I didn’t).
On Sunday morning I decided to go to Charis to hear Leif Hetland preach. I wouldn’t normally dare to go to a service on my own but on Saturday night I felt so frustrated with myself for not going up for prayer and I resolved that I would ask someone to pray for me there.
Fab, by some strange coincidence was sat next to me and he started to pray. I could feel the Holy Spirit working through my legs, they developed a “pins and needles” sensation. When I came to stand I fell over! Cheriene and others were praying and my leg started to grow!! Joseph laid hands on my hips and the pain was intense and then it started to disappear!! Then I collapsed on the floor literally in a heap and rested in the presence of God for ages whilst still the prayer continued.
I sat through my A level exams last week without a hint of pain! I can sit crossed legged or in awkward positions, which I haven’t been able to do for years! I am totally pain free!
Amazing miracles! I am totally in awe.
Barry then asked me to give my testimony at church the week after, and so did my Youth Minister at All Saints but I shy away from public speaking. Barry really didn’t give me a choice! And suddenly I found myself at the front telling my amazing story which in itself is amazing! It gave me the confidence to then be able to do the same thing again at All Saints.
This week I had the courage to pray for a man at Charis and pass on the Healing that God has Bessed me with!

Miriam Cox
PS Miriam continues to enjoy her complete healing, date  20.07.10


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