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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Dave's Healing


Over the last year I had been taking an opiate drug called Subutex. On July 23rd 2005 I was involved in a high speed head on collision with a double decker bus which left me unable to surf, play the guitar and eventually led to the break up of my 5yr marriage! I ended up living in a shared house at 46 with a bunch of kids who did precious little in the running of the house, leaving me to do most of the washing up and dispose of all the rubbish EVERY week!!

It got me through a particularly hard time, but it began to affect my daily life towards the end of the year, that’s when I tried to stop but the withdrawal symptoms were too hard! You really do feel awful, with sweats, chills and a craving for the drug!!

I was praying to God for someone to rescue me from this difficult and frustrating period. That is when I made contact with a girl called Rhoda. We were both on a website called Christian Connections and one evening as I was on the site and instant chat message from Rhoda came through saying “hi Dave”, I said hi back and we started to email each other! It was clear from the start that we got on well and just as it happens Rhoda had been planning a family trip to Cornwall but had to cancel it due to her mother’s foot getting injured in a freak accident. So still having a week off work to fill, she decided to come to Newquay on a really cheap one way train fare and stay in a cheap B&B. As I was already planning to go to Leeds to visit my son and family in Leeds I was able to run her back home!

It was very clear over the week that there was a special bond between us and we had so much in common!

Over the course of the week she noticed the Subutex in my daily pill box and that is when it all came out that I was basically addicted to Heroin!! Rather than being judgemental Rhoda was keen to help me off the stuff! She came with me to visit my family in Leeds and then on my way back to Newquay I stayed at Rhoda’s over to weekend. I went to her church on the Sunday where a couple of people got up and gave prophetic words the first one saying that the Breaker Angel was in town so if you were looking for breakthrough here was the place to be, the second came from a lady who runs a place called Kickstart, helping people get free from drugs!! She shared a word from Nehemiah saying how they rebuilt the temple ignoring the rubble around! At the end of the mtg there was an opportunity to go forward for prayer so  I went out and was prayed for by Barry the Pastor of the church.  .I was touched deeply by God as a result of that encounter.

It was obvious it was time to let go of the crutch of Subutex and although I had tried coming off in Newquay the withdrawal symptoms were too much for me to handle, I decided in light of the words given I could think of no better place to go through the “rattle” than with Rhoda’s support.

I drove up to Sheffield with enough Subutex to keep me going for a week slowly trying to wean off to make the rattle easier to cope with. However one Friday night I ended up taking my last 6ml all at once!

That was it then, I was bracing myself for a pretty hard rattle! Usually this kicks in after 3-4 days. Day 3 came, no rattle! Day 4 came, still no rattle! I remember talking with Rhoda on day 5, she was pleased I wasn’t rattling but I replied it was only day 5 and I was expecting to start rattling hard the next day! With Rhoda praying for me every day, amazingly I suffered no withdrawal symptoms! Then About 2wks in I woke up one day feeling so good it was like I had taken Subutex! I shared this with Barry the pastor of Rhoda’s church and he replied “that’s God” and he encouraged me to write down my experience.

I am pretty much overwhelmed by how gracious God has dealt with me through the last 6wks and I hope this will be an encouragement to you all!

God bless,

Dave Williams.


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